C by Luuk Magazine is reborn.
The spin-off of Luuk Magazine, designed to satisfy an audience under 30, has been developed with the purpose of entertaining a more open dialogue with our readers. The “C” will be released with two fixed appointments, on Tuesdays with a photo shoot dedicated to our protagonist, Carola, and Friday with new glamour sections that you will soon discover!
Our watchwords? Interactivity, networking and team playing with our readers in a blog open to comments and all points of view where everyone can become protagonist for a day, but at the same time able to satisfy our younger audience with hints and tips on look, lifestyle, cooking and cinema designed ad hoc. All this, of course, with the help of Carola!
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C by Luukmagazine rinasce.

Lo spin off di Luuk Magazine, concepito per soddisfare un pubblico under 30, si rinnova con lo scopo di intrattenere un dialogo più aperto con i nostri lettori.
Il “C” uscirà con due appuntamenti fissi, il martedì con un servizio fotografico dedicato alla nostra protagonista di sempre, Carola, e il venerdì con delle nuovissime rubriche glamour che scoprirete presto.
Le nostre parole d’ordine? Interattività, networking e team playing con i nostri lettori, in un blog aperto ai commenti e ai punti di vista di ognuno, in cui diventare protagonisti per un giorno, ma allo stesso tempo capace di soddisfare il nostro pubblico più giovane con spunti e consigli su look, lifestyle, cucina, cinema pensati ad hoc. Tutto questo, ovviamente con il contributo della nostra Carola!
Waiting for…


5 commenti su “About

  1. Eminam ha detto:

    John: Both Carola and Omar are stocked in Japan. It ftrusrates me how the big UK stores won’t take the risk on emerging designers but private buying allows the designers to show that there is a demand for their products. The answer for me lies in you having a strong website and making it clear that you are approachable. Too many designers build barriers between themselves and the consumer and it is just crazy.

    • Mamadou ha detto:

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    • I hate my life but at least this makes it bearable.

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